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Discover How To Become A Recognized Expert In Your Field, Get Higher Paying Speaking Offers, Build Your List And More!
Let our 29 experts give you the tools to become the most successful speaker in your niche... even during the challenging times ahead!
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Get full access to all event presentations and resources from the Speaker Impact Summit!
Discover How To Become A Recognized Expert In Your Field, Get Higher Paying Speaking Offers, Build Your List And More!
Let our 29 experts give you the tools to become the most successful speaker in your niche... even during the challenging times ahead!
The Premiere Event For Speakers, Authors & Coaches
You can't afford to miss this one!
Simply enter your first name and primary email below to start.
Get full access to all event presentations and resources from the Speaker Impact Summit!
Are You Finally Ready To Level Up In Public Speaking?
Our 29 Keynote And Public Speaking Experts Will Teach You How To...
Learn How To Become A Recognized Expert In Your Field
You don’t need to risk failing when you have the blueprint to success that will help you get there.
Discover Simple Ways To Charge Higher Prices For Your Speaking Engagement
With the right strategies you can get paid what you're worth all without feeling any imposter syndrome or discomfort around talking about money.
Leverage The Expertise Of Our Presenters To Receive Lots Of Speaking Requests From The Top People In Your Industry
Are you ready to receive lots of speaking requests from the top people in your industry? If you want to avoid promoters, publicists and agents that give empty promises, then you’re in the right place!
Experience All Life Has To Offer In A Career That You Can Be Proud Of
You may have realized that up until now, you’ve been doing work you don’t enjoy because you haven’t found something else you can do yet. Well, you’re about to learn something to help make the change..
And if that wasn’t enough, the wisdom that could be yours in just moments from now will give you the exact processes and strategies to...
Quickly find more speaking gigs that pay better.
Rapidly create an outline for a hugely impactful speech.
Victoriously step into the vision of yourself that you always wanted to achieve.
Finally seen as the go-to expert in your niche.
Easily build your email list filled with people excited to hear from you.
And so much more!
Meet Your Summit Host - Dannella (McWilliams) Burnett
A few years back, Dannella Burnett, a rising event producer, noticed a trend.  Speakers were having a difficult time finding the right stages and having a hard time getting their messages heard.  For the top-level speakers, Keynotes were readily available, but for many of those just starting out, there was a definite need to connect the two.Dannella saw a need to connect speakers with event hosts.  From this idea, Speakers Need to Speak was born.

Working to connect speakers and their audiences became a mission for her.  The second half of her mission…was to teach them how to do it and GET PAID!  Dannella wanted to educate and inform speakers of all of the opportunities in the marketplace.   But with her years of experience in the back of the room, Dannella knew there were many more ways to get paid than being paid just for your speaking. Sponsorships, product sales, revenue share and more, she sought to bring speakers and events together and show them how to get paid.

Speakers Need to Speak connects speakers with event hosts and helps to ensure that Speakers Get Clear, Get Good, Get Gigs, Get Events and Get Paid!
Here's What You'll Learn
...From  Our World-Class Experts And Consultants!
Dannella Burnett

Finally Find The Right Speaking Gigs

Finding the best opportunities and using them to your advantage. Uncover the best ways to locate opportunities and then book them. 
Kay Suthar

Strategies For Getting Booked For Audio, Video & Live Podcasts

Discover the best strategies for grabbing the attention of podcast hosts and TV show hosts. Understanding what they're looking for and setting yourself up for success. 
TR Garland

Making A Movement Out Of Your Passion

Moving the movement from an idea to an actual movement, this session will give you strategies and tips for getting your movement moving and helping it to gain momentum. 
Jase Souder

How To Sell Your Programs Without Looking Like A Sleaze Ball

Developing an authenticity in your speaking so that people want to buy from you and believe your products are the best option. This session is about creating value that others see and want. 
Sarah Gray

Speaking Your Way To Wealth With Webinars

Webinars are a great way to bring your product to your right fit market. This course will help you understand how to leverage webinars to bring you wealth.
Suzanne Evans

Why Speaking On Virtual Events Can Be More Profitable Than Live Events

Understanding the best ways to make virtual stages profitable, this session will show you some specific techniques and strategies to make your next virtual event your most profitable.
Ely Delaney

How To Grow Your List Fast And Revive Dead Subscribers

Learning to grow your list fast and revive all the old subscribers on your list. We'll clean up and then revive all the people there and make your list work for you. 
Brigette Callahan

The Value Of A Great Slide Deck

With a great slide deck, you can move the focus back to you, gain your audience back and convert sales better.  When your slides are designed correctly, they engage and inspire your audience and turn them into raving fans.
Colleen Biggs

Using Podcasts To Increase Your Influence And Profits

The sure fire way to better understand podcasts and know how to speak to hosts to get you on their shows quickly. We'll make podcasts work to your advantage to build your influence and increase your profits. 
Steve Olsher

Clubhouse: How To Tap Into The Social Audio Goldrush

Getting into the right rooms and maximizing your time and efforts on Clubhouse will bring you more exposure and more cash. Learn to tap into the social goldrush and make clubhouse work for you. 
Ferlie Almonte

Image Consultant Strategies That Will Increase Your Credibility And Conversions

You only get one change to make a first impression...and if that's true, which it is, this is your opportunity to level up. Learn tips, strategies and ways to look better in person and on camera.
Mas Sajady

Tapping Into Endless Energy And Virtually Eliminate Stress Fast

Get ready to raise your energy and get all of the to-do's completed on your list everyday. We'll show you the secrets to less stress, more energy and a healthy weight. 
Alexis Caldicott

Speaking What Comes Next...Messaging

Learn to craft you message and perfect your marketing to enhance your speaking career and increase your leads. Your message is the key to your audience understanding exactly what you do. 
Forbes Riley

6 Easy Steps To 6 Figures As A Speaker

Getting booked on the best stages is just steps away as we dive into what to do, how to do it and who's getting noticed. Learning to use Speaking to earn an income and to increase your authority. 
Theresa Sperling

How To Rock The Stage, Even If You're A Beginner

Find out the best stage techniques for looking good both in-person and virtually and make audiences love you. Understand what you need and how to get it to bring you the success you desire. 
Ell Graniel

How To Step Into Your Own Brilliance Even If You Feel Like An Imposter

Replace that imposter system with clarity and confidence. The strategies needed to raise your confidence level and know that you're an expert in your field. 
Natalie Lavelock

Create A High-Ticket Offer That People Can't Wait To Buy

Learn the secrets to creating High-Ticket offers that people flock to buy. Understand the strategies for content and pricing and finally create irresistible offers. 
Ken Krell

How To Build A Tribe Using Digital Events

In today's world, building a tribe of followers is critical to your success. We explore how to use digital events to bring the right members to your tribe and expand your reach.
George Shepherd

How To Create Your Own Highly Profitable Summit

Launching a highly-profitable summit quickly and easily following our process. Know what roadblocks you'll face and the strategies you should use. 
Rich Kozak

Speaker Branding: What Is It And Why Is It Critical?

Fighting for attention is something we all face. Using branding to amplify yourself and your speaking career will set you apart from others.
Ridgely Goldsborough

Attract An Army Of Affiliates To Sell Your Services And Products

Have an army of affiliates selling your products and services while you create new ones. Set up your own affiliate program and watch the profits roll in. 
Shevelle McPherson

Bullet Proof Your Speaking Business With Easy To Understand Contracts

Understand contracts can make or break your business. Discover the best contracts needed and key phrases that must be included to protect yourself and your business. 
Darin Adams

The Technology That You Need To Make Your Business Work

In the high-tech world that we live in, technology can make or break your business. Learn what's necessary to be a success
Jill Lublin

Getting Booked On TV And Radio Without Selling Your Soul

An overnight success! You must be, you're currently on TV and Radio. Learn to use the media to increase your credibility and influence quickly. 
Casey Eberhardt

Become The Go-To Speaker In Your Industry

Identify the items that event people look for in a speaker and learn to stand out among the masses. Set yourself up for massive success.
Daven Michaels

Hiring A High-Performance Team To Support You And Recover Your Time

Build your championship team takes more than posting help wanted ads. We'll show you hot to identify who you need, when you need them and where to find high performance team members that will help you scale far beyond what you thought was possible.  
James Dentley

TV: The New Stage For Speakers

As we move further into the digital, fast-paced world, television has become easier to enter and more effective as a stage.
David Chametzky

How To Master Work/Life Balance

Balancing busy days can be a challenge, but we'll explore how to prioritize, maximize and specialize to make the most of your day. 
Karen Strauss

The Easiest Way To Write Your Book Fast...And How To Use It To Double Or Even Triple Your Income

Books are everywhere! Learn how to easily complete your book and up level your game. 
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